20 minutes a day to rejuvenate your body and mind

we can all use a little nurturing in these stressful times. Wiings Wellness Mask is a therapy based on natural vibration and ayurvedic healing. Wiings will help relax your entire body as it quiets the mind and aids in restful sleep. With beautiful anti-aging side effects Wiings is a wonderful gift to give or receive.

What Is WiiNGS?

WiiNGS is Natural Basalt Vibration, an innovative concept in holistic healing.A Wellness Face mask that influences marma healing points and encourages fascia rebalancing.

How Does It Work?

WiiNGS is made with basalt minerals known to vibrate and re-balance the nervous system and improve skin tone and radiance. A calmer you is a more beautiful you.

What Are The Benefits?

Just some of the benefits include relaxation and sleep, younger appearance, headache relief and detoxification.

Try WiiNGS For Yourself!

Wear it just 20 minutes a day to:

•Relax frown muscles

•Eliminate tension and sinus inflammation

•Soothe and heal headaches

•Assists in falling asleep

What our customers say about us

“I have the mask on my head (crown) as I’m watching tv, had a little headache when I sat down and decided to try it …the weight is just right, and it’s taking my headache away. I’m liking this ! Can’t wait to try it tonight!

I used the mask last night, had one of the best nights sleep in a long time. Wow…!”

CarolineSt Augustine FL

“Great I first had to find a place for it. It felt good around my eyes. I could feel myself moving around my eyes. Then I was out. Wake up well rested. Put it on again in the am.”


“I put in on when I woke up at my regular time 7am. Even though I went to bed at 3, I woke up with a head ache so I decided to try the mask again. A few minutes after placing it on my forehead and temple I felt my head ache lifting. It was very nice sensation relaxing and my head ache was gone.”

AliceWoodbridge, NJ

“The mask is super cute, butterfly in one direction, upside-down looks like a cat to me. Most importantly, the weighted points hit exactly on points in your sinuses and increase the circulation. I tend to get the type of congestion when sleeping that causes my sinuses to get blocked off. This makes me breath through my mouth, which my dentist says is bad for my gums, and I wake up dehydrated. The very first night I slept with it on, the circulation was so much better, I didn’t get congested and slept with my mouth closed the whole night.”

CaitlinNew Jersey

“I really love this mask. The sand inside of it is placed perfectly to land on pressure points and it really helps me relax and forget about all my stresses for a little while. It helps me get some of the best rest I’ve had in longer than I can remember. Thanks Neyda!”

DanaCranbury NJ

“I have used the mask for a month and let me tell you how It relieved my sinus and headaches!!! It is a mask that relaxes your pain and also helps you fall asleep so much more relaxed and quickly!!! I don’t remember the last time I woke up so refreshed, lemme tell ya. A mask everyone should own!!!”

Vicky BNorth Carolina

“I usually wear the mask when going to sleep. It is somewhat more weighted than a regular eye mask (which usually just blocks light), so it helps my facial muscles relax and I seem to fall asleep quicker. I sometimes instead put the mask over my lower face and it helps relax my jaw which always seems to be tense. I thankfully don’t really have any lines on my face, so I cannot comment on that aspect of it, but I do feel that my skin looks more refreshed after using it on a regular basis. After I was using the mask for a few weeks, my sister-in-law commented that my skin looked really good and asked what I was doing differently. I told I wasn’t doing anything different, but then that night as I put the mask over my eye area, I realized that using the mask was what I was doing differently, and that it was possibly the reason my skin looked good. The mask is also great when the sun wakes you in the morning, but you still want to sleep. I put the mask over my eyes and it blocks the sunlight and I’m able to sleep for a little while longer.”

LindaCranford NJ

“Good morning Neyda. Used your mask for meditation. The weight of it helps keep my focus inward.”

CeciDuluth GA

“I loved the mask, I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. I noticed the mask was near me and I wanted to try it. It felt cool and it took my headache away. The only thing I would like is a elastic or tie on it to keep it on since I’m a side sleeper. Loved it!”

KennySt Augustine FL