Meet Neyda

Growing up in a small town near the rain forest helped me ground myself. From our front porch we could see one of the longest cascades on the mountain, which filled the river that ran through my town. When we had a storm, I would stand on my grandmother’s porch watching this long strap of crisp white water turn murky brown. I could feel and hear the cascade rumble, tossing boulders and uprooted trees from its ledge. With my heart racing as I recall moments like that helped me stay connected to the vibration of the earth. I felt then, at a very young age, the purpose and most importantly the chain reaction of all things affected by this orchestrated turmoil. It was terrifying and amazing all at once.

The chorro, we called it, was far enough from danger but close enough to admire its beauty and serenity framed by the lush forest. One of my favorite memories is swimming in the river with my family after a storm passed and the water became clear again. The storms redesigned the river every time, making new pools and diving platforms for us. Climbing to the top to see the cascade up close was treacherous and exhilarating. The moist ground sank under our feet pushing mud between our toes.  It was worth it, the view alone was magnificent, we could see as far as the ocean. The water was deliciously boisterous, we could hardly hear each other’s voices shouting over the rumble.

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Going back to my town after living in New Jersey for so long brings me back instantly. The path to the top is the same treacherous climb I remember. Sitting in chilly water at the mountain top, feeling the spray from the cascade and hearing nothing over the rumble of the earth puts me in a state of connected bliss. It was important for me to share this experience with my children and my husband. I believe that there is nothing more powerful than that feeling you get from connecting with nature.  For us growing up this was simple, free and fun.

When I was deciding what career path to take I knew I wanted to help, I wanted to give back. I began studying psychology in college and I loved every moment of it but life takes you in a different direction sometimes. I started a family and now that my three sons are all grown up I can dedicate more time to my passion. I became a massage therapist. Now, when I am approached by someone, instinctively I can tell that they are hurting in some way. I learned through practice that by easing someone else’s pain my atmosphere was clearer and my heart lighter. Being able to help my clients is very rewarding for me. I feel accomplished and a little more grounded each time. Thorough out my career, I practiced in a few clinics learning and honing my skills for years meeting many people from every walk of life. I began to see a pattern in my clients, noticing that it doesn’t matter where you come from pain affects us all in the same manner. Not only does pain debilitate us physically, it also drains us mentally. My mission was forming, I was curious, I had the drive and the ambition to tackle this pain crisis. I noticed that most of my clients were so tense that a good part of the session was spent breaking through that leaving very little time to fix an issue. Very quickly I decided that something had to change. When I left my last management position I told my crew to remember what we do is charity of the heart. That charity returns to you so be generous. I left with them something I believe wholeheartedly.

In the grand scheme of things, each one of us is a single brushstroke on the canvas of the universe. Perfectly and carefully placed and without you there’s an empty space, a flaw in the masterpiece.

Massage therapist bring change one gentle touch at a time. I created Wiings to do just that, effectuate a change. Not everyone can go get a massage when they need it. Through Wiings I can give to you a small amount of Zen anytime you wish for it.