The inflammation caused by tension pushes against nerves and muscle joints causing you pain. Tension
headaches, sinus pressure headaches and strain can be alleviated with Wiings. With the constant cooling
effect of basalt inflammation is reduced, lessening the pressure and relieving pain naturally.


The increased pressure as tension is relieved enables circulation to move more efficiently nourishing cells and tissues. The benefits of improved circulation are vast.


With the combination of deeper slower breaths, release of serotonin and reduction of anxiety Wiings induces a deep slumber. Improve your homeostasis by allowing the body to heal itself.


With improved circulation the muscles and fascia that form frown lines and wrinkles are relieved from
tension. Increasing blood flow around the eyes, forehead and jaw reduces eye puffiness, softens the
laugh lines and the 11 between the eyes. This aids in collagen regeneration for improved tone and


Wiings reduces the inflammation stored as heat in stress areas. Removes tension in the connective tissue which takes away stress on muscles. It targets vital points on the face and sends a warm calming effect down your spine.


As your body relaxes under the carefully calibrated pressure of Wiings, the muscles expand to release
toxins and metabolic waste. Radicals irregularly bind weak or dehydrated tissue together causing pain,
fatigue, dulling the skin and slowing down the efficiency of visceral organs. As the muscles and fascia
release waste into the circulatory system the body naturally engages the lymphatic system to carry out
the waste. Note to stay hydrated when using wings.