How Does it Work?

When awakening those pressure points and chakras by touch or natural vibration therapy you can ensure that after twenty minutes the Wiings Mask has begun to help you heal and promote an overall state of well being

Roll Your Mouse Over Each Point To See How That Pressure Point & Chakra Affect Your Body


Vibration is the constant movement of things, us and our planet. We are in constant motion and this movement is what gives Wiings its reflexology quality. The rhythm of the body harmonizes with the vibration of the basalt sand. We can change and adapt, the rock does not.

When you receive an energy treatment it begins by finding a still point, bringing all your concerns, your to do lists and fears to a close, a point where only you exist. In a still point we can direct the nervous system out of its usual alertness to reach calmness.

Wiings will help you find that point so you can begin to reach your Zen place. This is a unique body and mind recalibrating tool.

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