What is WiiNGS?

WiiNGS is a different kind of relaxation product. Composed of volcanic sand, quartz, and minerals, it provides a calming and transformative experience. The WiiNGS Natural Basalt Vibration face mat encourages the fascia to release tension as it stimulates healing points.


Basalt’s mineral rich properties have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. As a natural carrier of magnetic iron it influences circulation. This helps revive and relieve body muscles and tissues.

A hot stone massage with warmed basalt stones is a soothing therapeutic experience. It increases circulation and reduces stress and anxiety.  This is perfect for relaxation of body and mind.

Basalt’s gentle vibration over key pressure points stimulates the fascia releasing it from adhesions and plaque that has attached itself over the years. The result of this is improved blood and lymph circulation. The flourishing circulation can release you from fatigue and stress.

Nature gave us the ingredients. The benefits of improved circulation are vast and continue to be measured. The science of vibration therapy has proven to help with nervous system disorders around the world. WiingsbyNeyda gives us new organic way to help your body heal.